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All of these signature tags, dollz and website graphics are original creations by scifisuzi. Please help yourself. They are great for signing guestbooks or emails! Many of the graphics can be personalized with a graphic program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. You can get a free trial copy of PSP here. TERMS: We are offering these free to you - no strings attached - we only ask that you do not add these to any "collection" and/or offer them as your own creation.

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Free Sigtags, can be personalized

We've been working hard on new webmaster graphics and goodies for your site. Be sure to check out more details at the bottom of the page.

Note: The scifi doll above and vampire doll below are not for adoption, and were made specifically for this site. Please do not take them ~ thanks.


First Edition
features: hot stuff, men in kilts, the favorite blue fae, a green angel, purple fae, and the red lady

Second Edition
features: rose princess, red fae, cyber geek, and the blue angel

Third Edition
features: pink baby, blue baby, teddy bear, lion and school bear

Fourth Edition
features: ethnic faes and alien faes

March 2011: FAE TAGS ADDED

features: Matchbox cars, Corvettes and more

Big Beautiful Woman
features: sigtags with full-figured dollz. Suggested theme from one of our vistors!! Thank you.

Candy Bar - CB 2 - CB 3 - CB 4
features: scifisuzi's Candy Bar doll creations incorporated into sigtags (4 pages)

Gothic - Gothic2
features: lots of black and red sigtags with bats and vampire girls (2 pages)

features: three mermaid sigtags for you

Satin Frames
features: satin borders and  bubbles

Scifi Sigs
features: a variety of scifi tags and even some with Lexx's Giggerota


By request from one of our visitors, a page of shoe tags has been created.


Wildlife Minis
features: miniature tags with wild animals. A favorite page.


Wildlife Sigtags
features: larger sigtags with more creatures of the wild


Valentine Tags

St. Patrick's Day Tag

Easter Tags

Mother's Day Tag

Winter Sig Tags

Free, hosted MySpace Comment Cards
Darker Vampire/Gothic MySpace Graphics too!

Coming soon:

More Candy Bar sigtags

Animated sigtags

Animated MySpace graphics

Personalize Graphics

I have noticed that I am getting duplicate orders for the same names/same tags, and realize that I should make a name directory. Please check and see if your name is on a tag you like before you place an order. You are welcome to "right-click" and save the tag. Please save to your own server. Thanks. Even if you don't see your name listed below, be sure to check the page to make sure nothing new has been added. 
Just "name" tags are posted for adoption - no tags with personal messages, surnames, or couples name will be posted. The decision to add a name tag to these pages will be at my own discretion. 


A-E this page includes: Alicia, Amy, Bev, Brandi, Brittany, Carrie, Dana, Dan, Darion, Deb, Debbie, Denise, Elaine G-K this page includes: Gaby, Gerard, Gina, Jackie, Jay, Joan, Juanita, Karen, Kaytlyn
L-R this page includes: Laura, Lauri, Lisa, Liz, Lori, Mary, Michelle, Pam, Peg, Peggy, Penny, Priscilla, Raven, Reyes S-T this page includes: Sally, Sandy, Sarah, Shelley, Sherry, Shirley, Susan, Suzanne, Tamara, Tanya, Teri, Tina



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