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  We are offering these free to you - no strings attached - we only ask that you do not add these to any "collection" and/or offer them as your own creation. 

Many more coming soon, so be sure to return

For Signing Guestbooks:

Just "right-click" and save to your computer. In the future these will be hosted for free. Code coming soon.

If you have a special request for text on the graphics above, go to page one of Website Graphics and Goodies for details.



Many blanks for the graphics above are in Second Edition, Fourth Edition, BBW, Candy Bar pages and Mermaid page. Main menu here.

For Website Competitions:

These vote graphics might be just the thing you need if your site is in a website competition.

Just "right-click" and save to your computer to use later for your website or emails.

If you would like to link to my site, please use the image below, and link it to ~ Thanks!

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